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Thursday, June 29, 2006

What if you coulda had a piece of Google?

Move over Google! Look out Yahoo!...
ZABANG™ is coming to town!
Hi friend,
Have you ever "just missed" one of those *big* opportunities that you *knew* could've been BIG for you... if you'd just *acted*?
I'll tell you what... I sure have. And if you're like me at all, when you sit back and think about that lost opportunity, you know it doesn't feel very good, does it?
Well here's what I've got. Something just came across my desk that I truly believe will be the NEXT BIG THING, and I simply could not wait one moment to get this in your hands.
So HOW big? I'm talking "Amazon" big. I'm talking "AOL" big... I'm talking "buying 50,000 shares at Microsoft's IPO" big. :-)
One of the internet's best minds
You know who Mike Glaspie is right? He's the guy who founded and runs sites like BannersGoMLM.com, BannerCo-op.com, FreelinksNetwork.com, FreeMarketingInfo.biz, NoBSZone.com, MySiteInc.com, NetMarketing2005.com, and several other sites, all of which are easily within the top 1% of all sites visited online.
Well, I'm in what I'd guess you'd call his "inner circle"... he lets me and a just handful of other folks know about certain opportunities he's involved in or has heard about, before anyone else, so we can get the "jump" on the marketplace.
And as I read about his latest project, I got so excited, I had to stop everything cold, and get this out to you. There simply is not a moment to spare.
It seems that for the past several months, Mike G has been working quietly on a new project. This project is going to have every marketer on the planet clamoring for a piece. (And btw, YOU are literally one of the very first to hear about this, so if you want a piece, it is YOURS for the taking!)
So here it is, here is what Mike is working on that is so monstrously big... Mike is putting the final touches on a series of sites that are going to revolutionize the search engine business. The cornerstone site of this project is a "tier 1" search engine called Zabang.com, and it's ultimate goal is nothing less than to topple Google itself from the search-engine throne... and you know what? I fully believe it's going to do it. I just don't see any way it can't!
The technology is already in place. Everything is thought out and all the pieces put together. And soon, Mike G is going to launch this to the world. But before he does, YOU have the chance to get in on this NOW! I don't know what could be a more "ground floor" opportunity than this.
A brand new approach to search engines
Now search engines have been done, but they all have one big problem for people like you and me... they don't provide any incentive to the marketer. For example, if you tell someone to go look something up on Google, who benefits from that? Why, Google does! Google gets the traffic, the viewer sees their ads that their advertisers pay them for, and so on. What do you get? Squat!
Mike has changed all of that. Zabang is built from the net marketer up, instead of from the "computer techs" down. (And yet, search results are blazingly fast... AND relevant. In fact, faster and more relevant than the other big names.)
See, Mike knows how to penetrate a market fast and big... reward others BIG TIME for doing it for you! Through ZabangSolutions.com (the site that manages the Zabang affiliate program), you'll get a FULL TEN PERCENT commission on every pay-per-click or sponsor purchase made by those you refer... for the LIFE of the customer. Yes, that's right, I said the entire life of that customer.
Refer someone just once (using banners, links, or the Zabang search bar on your site) and you could easily be paid over and over again for years!
But it doesn't stop there... you see, ZabangSolutions offers a two-tier affiliate program. (Now this isn't M.L.M or network marketing, it's just two tiers.) This means that whenever you refer someone to Zabang and that person then becomes an affiliate like you, anyone THEY refer goes under you also, and you'll both get commissions from that customer... the affiliate you referred gets 10%, and you get a 5% override commission! Again, for the life of the customer!
But not "just" a search engine!
And there is more! Zabang will offer first class hosting solutions featuring options from no-cost all the way up to extremely sophisticated hosting options. Each one guaranteeing indexing (listing) at Zabang.com. You would expect nothing less from Zabang. And when your referrals host with ZabangHost.com, you get 10% & 5% all over again for the life of the customer's account. And there's no selling, just refer people to Zabang.com to do their online searches and they'll take it from there. It's completely passive... and totally viral.
You know, I almost forgot to mention one of the best parts. (This is why I love Mike G, he is truly an unparalleled marketing genius!) Mike is also creating a companion site to Zabang called ZabangMail.
ZabangMail.com will offer 100% spam-free, free email accounts, the best this state of the art technology has to offer to-date. And they don't use filters. They have their own proprietary technology for eliminating spam from your in-box. Users of ZabangMail.com will never have to worry that mail they want to receive will be filtered just because it contains words or phrases that couldn't pass through. And because ZabangMail.com is their own ISP they give guaranteed whitelisting to all publishers.
Now remember (and this is important), ZabangMail.com is a companion to Zabang.com. Each one will promote the other. ZabangMail users will have a tag message at the bottom of their email just like Hotmail, just like Yahoo, etc. But this one will give a brief blurb about searching Zabang.com, but with a twist... are you ready? The URL in the tag message at the bottom of all user's email will also be (if elected) the affiliate's link for Zabang.com! Think about it... get just a few people to sign up for ZabangMail, and every single email they send out will track back to YOUR Zabang account earning you an override all over again! We're talking major cross promotion, and hyper viral marketing. It truly is going to be huge.
Just to give you an idea
Just to give you an idea how big Zabang is destined to become... already their Alexa ranking is in the top 1/10 of 1% of all sites visited online... and this is only a private invitational pre-registration period! Wow!
So drop what you are doing right now and get pre-registered for the two-level affiliate program. At the very least, you get guaranteed "indexing" (i.e. listed in the search results at Zabang.com) as an affiliate (which is a HUGE benefit). Then, you'll be emailed an invitational letter with your link dropped in so you can send it along to your closest contacts. They'll keep accurate track of your referrals and when Zabang™ launches, you will have complete stats of all your referrals and commissions earned.
Ronald Selatan

Note: Google and Yahoo are Registered Trademarks and are not affiliated with Zabang.com, Inc. and it's related companies.


The Gospel Defines Christianity

Theology contains man’s ideas about God. It is born on a natural, human level. Religion is man’s expression to God, based on his theology. Religion is also born on a natural, human level. There are so many theologies and religions today they are hard to count.

The GOSPEL is far different from either theology or religion. It is a revelation from God (1) about HIM, and (2) about US. It tells us all God has done for us, in the finished work of the cross — and then it tells us who we are in him, because of what he’s done. Nothing else offers what the gospel does: God coming to us with his revelation.


It is comforting to realize that the mind of man could never have invented the gospel. Only God’s mind can ‘invent’ it. The gospel is often even difficult for us to understand, let alone us being able to conjure it up. Thus, the gospel is totally removed from every other theology and religion.

Romans 1:16-17 says the gospel is a REVELATION of our righteousness — of who we are in Christ. Hebrews 4:2 says we must believe this revelation or it does not ‘profit us.’ Paul says the same thing in Galatians 5:2 when he says, “Christ shall profit you nothing.”

Since the cross, God’s only language is THE GOSPEL. If we try to communicate with him in other ways, he does not understand. Everything is now founded on Christ’s finished work: “It is finished” (John 19:30). To try to relate to God outside of Christ’s finished work is not living in spiritual reality, but in religious fantasy. This is what our practical Christianity newsletter is all about: GOSPEL SNAPSHOTS. It stands on the Rock of the finished work of our Lord Jesus Christ.


There are two non-gospel theologies running wild in Christian churches. They both sound so good that many cleave to them rather than the gospel of the finished work of Christ: (1) The Religion of ’Do-Do,’ and (2) The Religion of ‘The Future.’

FIRST, RELIGIOUS ’DO-DO’ is preached from most pulpits. The gospel is ‘the religion of done’ — “It is finished.” But this religion is all about performance, living by principles, and codes of behavior. Of course, these change from church to church. It puts US in the spotlight, rather than GOD. This preaching says, ‘It’s all about you,’ while the gospel says, ‘It’s all about God.’ This preaching says we should, ‘Try to be like God.’ It’s the same temptation Satan hit Eve with in the Garden.

It’s born from eating from The Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil — the tree God said NOT to eat from. This man-made theology substitutes ‘good’ for ‘God.’ It sounds good, but it blinds us to gospel of the FINISHED work of the cross (II Cor 4:4).

SECOND, THE RELIGION OF ‘THE FUTURE’ is a forecast of things that will happen in the future. As I said in the last article, it’s all about ‘Christ coming,’ when Paul said what is important is ‘Christ crucified’ (I Cor 2:2). This man-made theology is like a preview to a movie: ‘Coming Attractions.’ It says, “Stay tuned, folks! Jesus really hasn’t finished things like he said he did!” (sic)

It’s all about what Jesus WILL do when he returns — while the gospel says those things have already been DONE. It sounds good, but it blinds us to the gospel of the FINISHED work of the cross.

THE GOSPEL is what defines Christianity, and makes it totally unique to all other religions in the world. If you take the gospel out of Christianity, you no longer have Christianity. You only have a religion like every other religions. Sadly, this is what many preachers do when they preach these two non-gospel theologies. Paul says that NO other doctrine should be preached other than the gospel (I Tim 1:3).


Play Piano - Preparing to Practice

When the practicing "blahs" strike, you just need an attitude adjustment. You don't have to sweat blood to practice well. You don't even have to think of it as work, or duty, or even something that you ought to do.

Stop a minute and think about it. You like music, and you want to play some special piece that really means something to you. You want it to sound through you - right through your fingertips.

Okay? Well, you practice it to fulfill that desire, not to frustrate it.

Pause here and ask yourself some questions:

What if you could look at a piece of music for the first time, and play it correctly straight off, just as fine as you please?

How would you feel about practicing then?

Or, what if you were practicing for the Olympic swim meet next year, and felt deep down that you had a chance? How would you feel then about the training? Would you plunge into it each morning?

What if you were interrupted at a good point in yesterday's practicing? What if you had just about broken through a tough spot when you had to stop? Would you want to get back to it today as soon as possible?

You answer those questions, honestly, for yourself. There are ways to say "YES!" every day.

But, first, you've got to stop blaming yourself. You don't have to be perfect every time. You don't have to be the best player, today. And you don't have to listen to what other people say about your playing - people who are only half listening, and don't care the way you do.

Put all that out of your mind. What matters is your desire to play as well as possible.

Just start with playing - one note after another, and keep going. As the Chinese say, "A journey of a thousand miles begins with the first, step." And, if the very first step leads to the first slip, be glad for it. You can't, repeat, cannot learn without mistakes!

Now, start to think more personally about your instrument.

The piano, like the guitar, is a "touchy" instrument. Touch it, and you both produce and color its tones, like a potter molding clay. Think of the keys, all gleaming white, as the "skin" of the piano; you can either please them or hurt them. Stroke them, and the sound will come out mellow and purring. Poke them, and the sound will either "bark" sharply or woodenly "thud."

Stop thinking of yourself as playing "on" or "at" the piano. Rather, think of the instrument as an extension of your own body. When an artificial leg is fitted to an amputee, he is then taught to walk with it. Gradually, it feels more natural - more like his own leg walking. The French call the keys "les touches," or "touch-points" - as if the keys, not you, were doing the feeling.

Every musician wants to personalize this instrument. Take a look at the vocalist who hugs his guitar, or without a guitar, woos his microphone, or, without a microphone, simply woos the audience?

Every musician seeks to make his instrument an extension of his own body, the tool he or she needs to put across the strong feelings he as for the music.

Nadia Boulanger, one of the greatest teachers, put it best: "Don't speak to me of talent; speak to me of desire."

Go to the piano or keyboard not to reproduce a piece, but to experiment with your best way to bring out what is there. There is no one right way to play a piece - no matter how loudly some people protest that there is.

Artists in fact, vary greatly, and audiences return again and again to hear the same piece, as played by pianist X or pianist Y. You simply cannot play a piece twice the same way. Try it!

Here's how to practice an exercise or a song:

Six quietly, upright and relaxed Hear the music in your head: hear it better than life. Sense its movement and pulse rolling through you, turning and adjusting your own pulse, you are the prime "instrument" of this music - sitting there alert, tuned by silence, vibrating to is rhythm, lending it your own life entirely.

As you feel the music filling you, heart and soul, you will know that it is getting ready to be born.

When it has stirred you, lift your hands to the keyboard. This is the reason you wanted to play in the first place: to bring alive what has already moved you. And, suddenly, by centering your focus, you've turned practicing from a duty into an attraction.


Music and Technology - A Perfect Mix

To many people, listening to their favorite music as they go about business is a necessity. To others, it is simply a diversion as they go about the boring day-to-day chores we have in life. For some, it is a sensual experience and a form of creative self-expression, whether as an active participant or merely an avid listener.

I myself don’t just enjoy music; I live and breathe for music. I am a musician/songwriter and when I am not writing music or playing music somehow life is not the same for me. This is how I express my emotions, share thoughts, and converse with the world around me. Many times I get lost in the height of a passionate compositional piece, only to find the time has passed by so quickly that I have forgotten all of the things on my mind that have been bothering me.

As technology becomes more advanced, sometimes the creative and artistic aspects of music become less vital to the world than the equipment it’s transmitted on. We might ask ourselves what life would be like without technology, but consider life without some form of music. Without the passion that some music can give us, all the devices that we have at our disposal wouldn’t be quite as interesting.

Consider watching television without music in the background; or a movie without a soundtrack. Who cares about how large the screen is or clear the picture is? How exciting would the picture are eyes focus on be without are aural senses participating.

I don’t care how many mp3 players or stereo systems are on the market. No one would be buying these products if we as human beings didn’t crave some form of music to soothe our souls. At times, technological advancement in our lives can stress us out. We reach for our headphones and listen to music to help us cope.

I must admit, being a musician that composes and plays totally by my senses, I don’t know what I would do without the technological advances in music in the past decade. I would not be able to do what I do as effectively or as effortlessly if it weren’t for digital multitrackers, compact disk recorders, and all the other high-tech devices at my disposal. At one time, an amateur musician could not afford to own any of these devices, or be capable of operating them without some kind of experience in recording engineering. So for me, technology and music is a perfect mix.


Giving Makes You Happier

Pastor, as you know, God created us in such a way that we are motivated to act in our own best interest. That's why He gives us so many promises of blessing for obedience, and threats of painful loss for disobedience.

Based on this basic biblical principle of spiritual motivation, as you seek to lead your church into generous giving, you will want to emphasize the rewards God promises to faithful stewards. Not the least of these is that givers will be happier .

My personal experience confirms this promise. And so does that of the members of my former church. In a congregational survey, 96 percent of our people affirmed that they had a new sense of joy in life since they began to give at least ten percent of their income to the Lord.

Because everyone wants to be happy, you do your people a great service when you teach them to give. In my annual stewardship series I made sure I reminded our people of the following truths. I encourage you to pass these on to your flock.

Giving Produces Happiness

In Acts 20:35 we read,

"In everything I showed you that by working hard in this manner you must help the weak and remember the words of the Lord Jesus, that He Himself said, 'It is more blessed to give than to receive'" (NASB).

In this passage "blessed" means happy. Jesus promises that the person who gives will be given greater happiness than the one who receives.

According to this promise, if you take two people, one who gives a thousand dollars, and another who receives a thousand dollars, the person who gives the thousand dollars will be happier!

That's not how we naturally think, but Jesus knows He made us in such a way that when we give to God and others with cheerful hearts, we experience great happiness!

Stingy People Are Unhappy People

Stingy, selfish, people who don't give to God and their church are often the most unhappy, joyless people. You've seen a selfish child gripping a toy with both hands, refusing to share with her little brother, crying and screaming, "Mine, mine, mine!" She's definitely not a happy camper.

Happy children are taught that their toys belong not to them, but to Jesus. When they share willingly they feel an inner joy and they experience a sense of self-respect.

Many Christians are figuratively clenching their wallets with both hands and as they hear a message on giving they begin screaming in their minds, "Mine, mine, mine!" They are not happy people.

The only people who don't like sermons on giving generously are people who don't give generously! You'll never be as happy as possible while you keep your fist tightly clenched around your wallet.

If you want to be happier, start giving.


Why Read The Bible?

How easy is it for you to let dust collect on your Bible?

There was a time when I was first searching out the truth about Jesus Christ that I was embarrassed to let friends see the bible I had purchased sitting in my living room.

Then there was a season during which I was so proud to have my study bible laying open with a bookmark, highlighter and note paper nearby.

Then my bible started to just feel like an extension of my own body... always there, always ready.

Then the bible collection began... I wanted different versions, different purposes, different looks and different styles. A bible for my bedroom, a bible for the car and a bible just in case someone needs one.

And sadly... there has been a season in my life where my bible collected dust. How can that be?

Why read the Bible?

A. It shows you the right path.
B. It alerts you when you are getting off the right path.
C. It teaches you how to get back on the right path.
D. It empowers you to stay on the right path.

Isn't that what life is all about? Finding and staying on the right path? And isn't life always trying to get us off of the right path? The Bible is our Path Guide. We dare not let it collect dust - or worse yet, be left behind completely.

Joel Osteen and his father before him begin every service at Lakewood Church by leading the entire congregation in a simple prayer of confession and it starts like this:

"This is my Bible:
I am what it says I am;
I have what it says I have;
I can do what it says I can do."

When you open your Bible to spend some quiet time with your God - Do you believe that you are what the Bible says you are? Do you believe that you have what it says you have? Do you really believe that you can do what it says you can do?

How will you approach your Bible today?


Are those Money Making Opportunities Real?

Hi Friend,

These days you can find a lot of sites popping up here and there saying you to try their Data Entry or Typing Job that will make you rich. Now the question is “Do these dream opportunities really work?” Well the answer is simple: Yes and No!!

I have known people who purchased one of these programs a bit hesitantly but after some initial labor are now making a good living of up to $10 - $25k per month. But there are others who purchased some of these programs but were unable to break even with their investments. It’s the second category that infuses fear into the hearts of the genuine opportunity seekers.

In my opinion these Home Money Making Programs do work but not like a magic potion. Your Success depends upon the quality of the program you are joining and the labor you are ready to invest into it. The returns can be massive! You have to be aware that the program you wish to join should provide you after sales support and do not leave you stranded in the middle after mugging you with the one time joining fee.

A few days ago I came across www.dataentrycompany.com. This was a gem. A truly reliable opportunity. This is the type of company that we should look for. Why? Let’s brief it out:

1) Created by experienced and successful individual willing to share his tactics with you.

2) Believable and to the point content.

3) Minimizing your investment by offering free bonuses helping you to start up.

4) 100% Money Back Guarantee.

5) Allows to peek into its member’s area.

6) Most Importantly – After sales mentoring. This guy offers you free one on one personal coaching. What can be more reliable?

I had never seen any such program more transparent before. I mean most of other such opportunities ditch you as soon as you pay them, but this guy is promises to be different.

So, the moral – Don’t just let it go thinking that everything is a scam. Just be logical in choosing them!!


Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Download mp3 dengan menggunakan trick di radioblogclub

Hai teman-teman ada yang susah mencari lagu melalui download dari internet ?, oke aku tidak tau article ini sudah di buat atau belom sebelumnya, atau setidaknya mirip-mirip dengan article ini.

Langkal awal adalah browsing ke http://www.radioblogclub.com lalu register di sana (gak usah bisa juga sih) lalu di search kolom , tulis nama lagu atau artis yg ingin kamu download ... lalu muncullah list dari pencarian tersebut.

Dari list itu arahkan mouse pada lagu or artis yg kamu inginkan lalu copy short example : javascript:openRadio('http://www.titours.be/radio.blog/?autoplay=23') nah paste alamat itu ke kolom alamat di browser anda lalu hilangkan openRadio(' < ini dan ini >?autoplay=23' lalu jadi lah http://www.titours.be/radio.blog/.

Selanjutnya tambahkan ( sounds ) lalu menjadi http://www.titours.be/radio.blog/sounds/ nah anda coba click itu lalu coba download ( file ini di compres menjadi small jadi gak perlu lama mendownloadnya).

contoh ke 2 : http://www.[target].be/radio.blog/ + sounds http://www.[target].be/radio.blog/sounds/
informasi ini di tujukan untuk semua terutama bagi newbie atau teman-teman yang suka musik.

ok thank u.
Kalo teman-teman ada artikel lain boleh post disini, ato kirim imel ke rselatan@yahoo.com


Stroberi oh stroberi

Siapa yang tidak kenal buah stroberi? Bentuk mungilnya dengan warna merah terang sungguh menggoda selera. Stroberi tidak hanya sedap dimakan, tetapi juga memiliki banyak manfaat. Inilah beberapa manfaat yang bisa anda simak, dikumpulkan dari berbagai sumber.
- Penelitian menunjukan, stroberi kaya akan vitamin C. Dan terpenting, tingkat keasaman vitamin C-nya aman untuk lambung.
- Stroberi bisa dijadikan cebagai obat jerawat alami. Perlu dikketahui, hampir semua obat jerawat yang dijual dio pasaran mengandung asam silisilat yang banyak dikandung stroberi. Karena itu penggunaan masker stroberi akan sangat bermanfaat. Caranya, haluskan stroberi, campur denga sedikit yoghurt, olrskan diwajah, diamkan selama kurang lebih 15 menit.
- Riset menunjukan, makan satu cangkir stroberi setiap hari bisa menurunkan resiko berbagai jenis kanker. Diantaranya kanker leher rahim, payudara, kolon dan tenggorokan.
- Khasiat stroberi tidak akan berubah, meski sudah diolah menjadi jus, kue, ataupun selai. Riset membuktikan, roti bakar yang dioleskan stroberi mengandung antioksidan 50% lebih banyak dibanding stroberi segar.
- Stroberi juga berguna untuk memutihkan gigi. Daripada menggunakan bahan kimia sebagai pemutih, lebih baik anda mengunyah stroberi setiap hari. Selain gigi menjadi putih, bau mulut pun akan hilang.
- Kandungan stroberi juga bermanfaat untuk menghaluskan kulit tubuh, karena mampu mengangkan sel-sel kulit mati. Cobalah berendam dalam potongan buah stroberi, campur susu dan minyak zaitun, gosoklah keseluruh badan anda anda, lihatlah hasilnya. Jika rutin dilakukan kulit akan menjadi lebih halus, tidak kusam, dan tumit kaki tidak akan pecah-pecah.
- Para ahli mengatakan, stroberi juga berkasiat meningkatkan kekuatan otak dan menjaga penglihatan tetap jernih. Manfaat itu bisa didapat jika anda secara rutin mengkonsumsi stroberi, paling tidak satu sampai tiga cangkir sehari.


Bersepeda Bersama YESUS

Pada awalnya, aku memandang Tuhan sebagai seorang pengamat, seorang hakim yang memecat atas segala kesalahanku, sebagai bahan pertimbangan apakah aku akan dimasukan ke surga atau dicampakan kedalam neraka pada saat aku mati. Dia terasa jauh sekali, seperti seorang raja. Aku tahu Dia melalui gambar-gambar-Nya, tetapi aku tidak mengenalnya. Ketika aku bertemu Yesus, padadanganku berubah. Hidupku menjadi begaiakn sebuah arena balap sepeda, tetapi sepedanya adalah sepeda tandem, dan aku tahu bahwa Yesus duduk di belakang , membantu aku mengayuh pedal sepeda.

Aku tidak tahu sejak kapan Yesus mengajakku bertukar tempat, tetapi sejak itu hidupku jadi berubah. Saat aku pegang kendali, aku tahu jalannya. Terasa membosankan, tetapi lebih dapat diprediksi … biasanya, hal itu tak berlangsung lama. Tetapi saat Yesus kembali pegang kendali, Ia tahu jalan yang panjang dan menyenangkan. Ia membawaku mendaki gunung, juga melewati batu-batu karang yuang terjal dangan kecapatan yang menegangkan. Saat-saat seperti itu, aku hanya bias menggantungkan diriku sepenuhnya pada-Nya! Terkadang rasanya seperti sesuatu yang ‘gila’, tetapi Ia berkata, “Ayo, kayuh terus pedalnya!”

Aku takut, kawatir dan bertanya, “Aku mau dibawa kwmana?” Yesus tertawa dan tak menjawab, dan aku mulai belajar percaya. Aku melupakan kehidupan yang membosankan dan memasuki suatu petualangan baru yang mencengangkan. Dan ketika aku berkata, “Aku takut!” Yesus menurunkan kecepatan, mengayuh santai sambil menggenggam tangnku.

Ia membawaku kepada orang-orang yang menyediakan hadiah-hadiah yang aku perlukan … orang-orang itu membantu menyembuhkan aku, mereka menerimaku dan memberiku sukacita. Mereka membekali aku dengan hal-hal yang aku perlukan untuk melanjutkan perjalanan … perjalananku bersama Tuhanku. Lalu, kamipun kembali mengayuh sepeda kami.

Kemudian Yesus berkata, “Berikan hadiah-hadiah itu kepada orang-orang yang membutuhkannya, juka tidak, hadiah-hadiah itu akan menjadi beban bagi kita. “Maka, akupum melakukannya. Aku membagi-nagikan hadiah-hadiah itu kepada orang-orang yang kami jumpai sesuai kebetuhan mereka. Aku belajar bahwa ternyata memberi adalah sesuatu hal yang membahagiakan.

Pada mulanya, aku tidak ingin mempercayakan hidupku sepenuhnya kepadanya. Aku takut Ia menjadikan hidupku berantakan, tetapi Yesus tahu rahasia mengayuh sepeda. Ia tahu bagaimana menikung di tikungan tajam, Ia tahu bagaimana melompati batu karang yang tinggi, Ia tahu bagaimana terbang untuk mempercepat melewati tempat-tempat yang menakutkan.

Aku belajar untuk diam sementara terus mengayuh … menikmati pemandangan dan semilir angin sepoi-sepoi yang menerpa wajahku selama perjalanan bersam Sahabatku aygn setia: Yesus Kristus.

Dan ketika aku tidak tahu lagi apa lagi yang harus aku lakukan, Yesus akan tersenyum dan berkata … “Mengayuhlah terus, Aku brsamamu”.



The History of Blues Music

From blues music came great artists, such as Muddy Waters, John Lee Hooker, Buddy Guy, Bessie Smith, and others. But the blues might never have been created if it had not been for the influence of hollers, calls, and the changes that occurred in the lives of blacks. The evolution of the blues provides insight into the changes that took place in the lives of African Americans after slavery ended.
Because of its personalized form, the popularity of blues music among blacks marked a unique period in the history of secular African American song. Prior to the emergence of the blues, solo music was atypical. Such individualized song had never been the main ingredient of black music. Prior song consisted of field hollers, which served as a means of communication among plantation workers, and work calls, which were chanted by peddlers in Northern and Southern cities. While field hollers and work calls had elements of personalized song, they had never truly developed as solo songs.
Despite the blues uniqueness from hollers and calls, it was forged from the same musical repertory and traditions. The call and response form of expression remained, but instead of incorporating a response from another participant, the blues singer responded to himself or herself. Thus, it was not created from a new type of music, but from a new perception about oneself.
Blues music reflected the new status of African Americans. Slaves newly acquired freedom, Booker T. Washington’s teachings, and the Horatio Alger model, which asserted that the individual molds his own destiny, influenced this form of personalized music. According to Lawrence Levine, "there was a direct relationship between the national ideological emphasis upon the individual, the popularity of Booker T. Washington's teachings, and the rise of the blues. Psychologically, socially, and economically, Negroes were being acculturated in a way that would have been impossible during slavery, and it is hardly surprising that their secular music reflected this as much as their religious music did." (Levine, Lawrence W., Black Culture and Black Consciousness.) As a consequence, it was the emphasis on the individual that influenced the blues personalized form of song.
The blues was first sung by men at leisure and was called the folk blues. Some folk blues singers sung in medicine shows and touring carnivals. As black vaudeville singers came in contact with country singers, they eventually learned to sing the blues. Vaudeville singers brought a professional quality to it and constructed the foundation for the Classic Blues.
As African Americans migrated north in the early 20th century, they brought the blues with them. Coming from New Orleans, black-butt pianist who played the blues in Texas, Louisiana, and Arkansas, gave way to the Fast Western pianist who sang as they played, imitating Southern guitarists. Country singers joined the black-butt and the Fast Western pianist migration, and brought their style to Chicago, Detroit, and New York, where the classic blues singers united with the New Orleans and Fast Western musicians, and introduced their blues style in clubs, theaters, and dance halls.
The Classic Blues style was popular among newly arrived African Americans in the cities. The migration of many blacks to the cities gave them a new freedom from the church and community that had not been experienced in rural areas. Blacks demanded entertainment, and black theaters, dance halls, and clubs were opened. Women stopped singing in their churches and schools, and began to perform in theaters, clubs, dance halls, and vaudeville shows.
The first recording of the blues was in 1895. George W. Johnson's recording of "Laughing Song" was the first blues song to be recorded. Thereafter, blues songs began to appear in music rolls. The 1906 series of Music for the Aedian Grand, listed one blues title among the forty-nine music rolls.
The blues entered the forefront in 1920, when Mamie Smith's recording of "Crazy Blues" and "It's Right Here for You" became popular and opened the doors to other blues singers. The record was priced at one dollar and sold 75,000 copies the first month of release.
The market for the recorded blues was almost entirely black during the 1920s and 1930s, and the records became known as "race records." Record companies advertised exclusively to blacks and only black stores sold the records. As a result of Smith's success, record companies seized the opportunity to make a profit in the new market. Companies searched for talented blues artists, and singers such as Bessie Smith, Ma Rainey, Alberta Hunter, and Ethel Waters, became popular blues artists.
The popularity of the blues marked a new era for black music. It combined the styles of the past with a new type of song. The result was the creation of a style of music that would eventually contribute to the development of jazz.


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